The principle of Jaga Rich was always to respond to people and their way of life. Everyone has his own sense of well-being and their own ideas how to reach it. Therefore we have set the goal to take y our desires seriously, and comparison to define these requirements in an interview for a suitable environment. We incorporate our years of experience here, to formĀ  a symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics.
It is important for us to understand the mood and the story of a room. From these factors stems from the approach under which we design the space. In this equation play an important role in materials and colors and shape an environment. Whether the color and / or material needs to be changed and even lead to a break in style, or whether the environment obtained by the existing concepts, a new atmosphere, we will discuss with you in dialogue and jointly define the orientation for the future of your area.
If we pay attention to quality materials. We put an emphasis on natural, environmentally safe raw materials such as linen, felt, wool, rough wool or wood. During the processing of the material substance and texture will be supported and that plays out the strengths of the raw materials. All this is based on our fundamental principle of respect towards nature and animals.
As a small family business, we can specifically and diligently respond to their needs and implement them. It will reflect your environment, making it an individual expression of its essence. We make sure that we work with you to find a solution, which moves in its financial framework and makes you happy.

We look forward to meeting you.